Ponui Island Feb-22

24 scouts, 7 leaders and 2 parent helpers attended our Ponui Island summer camp held from the 18th to 21st February, 2022.

The weekend started on Friday evening with a 30 minute barge ride from Kawakawa Bay boat ramp to Ponui Island.  Camping in hiking tents, scouts doing their own cooking in groups of 4 on hiking stoves.

We took a very relaxed approach to the weekend with scouts signing up to various  activities included kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, coastal walking, hiking and kiwi spotting on Saturday night.  They also had free time to read under the trees, play cards, hit and roll, frisbee or just hang out on the tree swing.

We returned on the barge around 2pm on Sunday afternoon. Our captain and host, David Chamberlin, had a surprise for the scouts on the return trip...jumping off the bow ramp and swimming down the side of the barge to a drag rope and ladder, then climb back up the stern.  You should have seen the smiles on their faces, priceless.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise this fantastic weekend and to the scouts for making the most of the opportunity on this magical island.

Friday - Kawakawa Bay Wharf - barge pickup to Ponui Island

A massive thank you for taking ##### to camp. He came back from camp bussing saying it was the best camp ever!

St. Chads kids are so lucky to have such a great group of leaders.

Thanks again.

Hi , #### told me about all the interesting things on the island when he got home, all kinds of animals and getting along with his friends. Thank you for taking care of  ####.

It was an unforgettable experience.


Sunday morning

Local wild life - sorry no photos of the kiwis!

The surprise on the return barge trip - jumping off the bow ramp and climbing back onto the stern using a drag rope