SPICES stands for Social, Physical and Mental, Intellectual, Character, Emotional, and Spiritual development. They are all areas of personal growth. These are our Scouting outcomes; the part of Scouting that helps us develop into responsible and active citizens.

We call these SPICES to make them easier to remember.

Our Scout programme is about personal progression. Everyone is different. So, your achievement pathway will be different from any other Scout.

You can see how you have developed during your Scouting journey by thinking about how you have developed in the different SPICES. To see what development looks like in the different SPICES, take a look at ...

Social Development

Young people will gain skills and have experiences that support their development through participation in Scouting adventures including; communication and interaction with others, civic and global engagement, leadership and cooperation.

Physical & Mental Health Development

Young people will learn and develop an understanding for their total well-being of mind and body by keeping active and healthy, and understanding their own capabilities.

Intellectual Development

Young people will develop their ability to think, analyse, shape, and apply information and decisions that support them in adapting to new situations and the actions they take.

Character Development

Young people gain a better understanding of ‘self’ and learn about; values for life (Scout law and promise), personal and social identity, and their aspirations.

Emotional Development

Young people will develop their emotional resilience through; exploring and understanding their emotions, learning to have a balanced life and an ability to empathise with others.

Spiritual Development

Young people are able to develop an understanding and reflect on; their own personal beliefs and explore others recognising diversity in their communities, whilst showing respect and gratitude for the people and world around them.