Programme Areas

Programme Areas

The Programme Areas help you to make sure there are a range of activities in your programme. Use them to help you think of ideas when you are planning your programme.

Working together with other youth members, with the support of your Kaiārahi, to build your programme to involve activities from each of these areas.

The Programme Areas are:


The Personal Programme Area covers activities that help youth members learn about themselves. This could include activities around leadership, creativity, beliefs and values, health and wellbeing, expression, innovation, interests, or any number of other areas.


The Adventure Programme Area is all about pushing the boundaries of youth members’ comfort zones, and interacting with the environment around them. This could include activities around adventurous activities, journeys, safety, meeting new people, seeing new places, or learning the skills they need to facilitate their adventures.


The Community Programme Area helps youth members learn about and engage with different communities, both local and global. This could include activities around diversity, community organisations, government, international awareness, online communities, volunteering, the environment, Scouting communities, or community participation, to name a few.