Keas is for youth aged from 6 to 8 years of age. Our Keas meet on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 5:15pm to 6:15pm at the St. Chads Scout Den.

Keas provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to develop their creativity, interact with nature and learn to share through co-operation and teamwork. They engage in active and quiet games, stories, creative crafts, play-acting and singing.

Keas work towards an exciting range of badges and further details of these are in our Kea Badge Book [St. Chads Kea Badge Book v4.3].

How to Become a KEA

If your child would like to become a Kea please contact Kaye Hatton

Please download our St. Chads Kea Welcome Pack v2.1.

Before your child can become a KEA member of the Group they will need to meet the following criteria:

The KEA Award Scheme

The Kea Award Scheme is designed to help you plan your Scouting experiences around a variety of different activities.

While badges are fun to earn, it’s important to remember that they recognise your progression, they aren’t the goal itself. Having fun and taking part in the programme is the most important part!


St. Chads Kea Badge Book v4.3

Kea Promise

I share, I care, I discover, I grow.

Te Kī Taurangi Kea

Ka tohatoha ahau, ka manaaki ahau, ka kite ahau, ka whanake ahau.

Kea Scout Values

Have respect (shake hands), Do what is right (make a tick sign), Be positive (thumbs-up sign).

Kea Scout Song

I'm a happy Kea Scout, we like to help you out. We share, we care, we discover, we grow, we have good fun where ever we go.

Kea Yell

      • [Leader] Give me a K

      • [Keas] K K K

      • [Leader] Give me an E

      • [Keas] E E E

      • [Leader] Give me an A

      • [Keas] A A A

      • [Leader] Give me a Kea

      • [Keas] Kea Kea Kea

      • [Keas] I am a Kea

      • [Keas] Hooray [all jump in the air]